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Holiday Specials - Meditations and Journeys - MP3 Downloads (immediate delivery) *** SELECT ONE OR MORE OF THE PRODUCTS BELOW *** Be sure to enter the discount coupon when you checkout: 35OFF2023
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Personal and Planetary Peace Meditation Series with Rev. Ana Jones *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
You get access to All 5 recordings of each class via download in mp3 audio format so that you can listen to the meditation at anytime convenient to you ... Meditation #1: EARTH – Healing Your Body, Through Healing of The Earth; Meditation #2: WATER – Healing Your Emotions, Through Healing of The Sacred Waters of Gaia; Meditation #3: FIRE – Healing Your Mind & Thoughts, Through Healing and Balancing The Sacred Fire Energy of Gaia; Meditation #4: AIR – Healing Your Spirit, Through Healing and Balancing The Air, The Sacred Breath of Gaia and Meditation #5: HEALING ALL MY RELATIONS
Manifesting with Metatron's Cube - Guided Manifestation Meditation with Ana Jones *** Download in mp3 and pdf Formats ***
This Recorded Conference Call with Rev. Ana Jones was held On The Blue Moon - Full Moon. Includes mp3 audio recording of the call and written handouts (pdf format) *** Download in mp3 and pdf Formats ***
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Mantra Manifestation Meditation *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
Simple yet powerful, ancient meditation practices to manifest greater health, wealth, and wisdom in your life.
Empowerment Meditation with Ana *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
Let Ana guide you in this empowering meditation ... a simple, easy to use guided meditation to balance and empower you during these powerful changing times. It strengthens and expands your consciousness and facilitates a transformation of any of your blockages.
Deep Relaxation Meditation with Ana *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
Let Ana guide you in this relaxation meditation ... this can be used for Quieting the Mind, Centering the Emotions, Renewing the Body, and Reconnecting to Spirit. It is a safe but powerful tool which will help you to decrease stress and increase healing.
Angelic Ascension Journey *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
This is a guided meditation by Ana where she guides you on a Journey of Reconnecting with Paradise.
Soul Journeys *** Download in mp3 audio format and pdf ***
Soul Journeys - Guided Meditations for Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides by Rev. Ana Jones ... Each Soul Journey guided meditation helps you communicate with your higher guidance and bring back useful and practical insight into your daily life. Includes written instructions in pdf form and 4 audios: 1. Spirit Guide Journey instruction & Preparation, 2. Spirit Guide Journey, 3. Angelic Communion Instructions, 4. Angelic Communion Soul Journey
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