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Personal and Planetary Peace Meditation Series with Rev. Ana Jones *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
You get access to All 5 recordings of each class via download in mp3 audio format so that you can listen to the meditation at anytime convenient to you ... Meditation #1: EARTH – Healing Your Body, Through Healing of The Earth; Meditation #2: WATER – Healing Your Emotions, Through Healing of The Sacred Waters of Gaia; Meditation #3: FIRE – Healing Your Mind & Thoughts, Through Healing and Balancing The Sacred Fire Energy of Gaia; Meditation #4: AIR – Healing Your Spirit, Through Healing and Balancing The Air, The Sacred Breath of Gaia and Meditation #5: HEALING ALL MY RELATIONS
Angelic Healing Audio Classes (Bundled - Get All 4 Classes and Save) *** Download in mp3 audio format ***
Angelic Healing for Your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit. Four Sessions: 1) Healing Your Heart & Healing Relationships; 2) Healing Your Mind & Healing Your Thoughts; ) Healing Your Body & Creating Radiant Health; 4) Healing Your Spirit; A Return to Wholeness. 8 hours of instruction from Rev. Ana Jones.
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